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The gallery is BACK!!!

I have hatched my own home-brew picture gallery function so that all our Kentie pix are available once more! And it works. Please enjoy the gallery of events and other stuff posted over the years. Have something new? Let me know!

Colin the Shirt

Another visit to the old girl …

[Click here for an aerial view of the school …]

A number of ex-Kent School pupils visited the area over the weekend 24-27 May. A few of them stayed at the Best Western Hotel in Moenchengladbach arriving early evening Friday 24 May.

They visited JHQ in the morning 25 May and then onto old haunts. A visit to the school site was proposed for afternoon of Saturday 25 May (in the end viewing from outside the school grounds).

A shopping trip to Roermond (I remember those!) was also mooted for Sunday 26 although there are many interesting attractions nearby. There is a partially reconstructed Roman town at Xanten up the Rhine, or the museum at Neanderthal just east of Dusseldorf.

Be prepared for more nostalgic photos on this site!

Thank you for that update Phil!!

And thanks to Simon Graeme for the first pictures (click here), and Phil Allen for a great set of snaps [from the trip to JHQ - click here]!

New look website

PHEW! The new website has arrived after more than two years development! Hopefully this will bring more interesting content - and a new excitement about having another reunion. It was 11 years since the first one and six years since the last refresh. All the picture gallery photos are up as are all the Reunion ones!!! In their fresh location it’s been really fun rolling through the memories as I’ve been creating each page.

I hope you enjoy this new look too!

Please send pictures of any get togethers - I know they are scattered across Facebook and such, but it would be nice to have this as a repository of all pictures (if possible).

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Please play fair folks

Just a quick reminder to all that this is not a website to anonymously slander other folk or wind up people up with nonsense on horse or dog names. I know things have been too quiet on this website but I am doing the best I can. This is a free resource (paid for by me alone) so please respect this.

Colin the Shirt

The Teachers 1976

The Teachers 1976

A wonderful old picture from Terry McNulty of the teachers in 1976 - [CLICK HERE]

Check out our picture gallery for more!

BFBS visit the old school

The old girl is famous - and it’s been on the BFBS TV service. Well done Des Lacklison for the guided tour - and did you know we were up in the top 25% of British schools? You do now!

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A fantastic gallery of pictures of how the old girl looks at the moment - well done Urban Adventures! She is certainly showing her age, and the fact that she has not been well looked after. It’s a shame!

Urban Adventures [Click here to go to the Kent School gallery at Urban Adventures]

Jürgens history

Click hereJürgen Kariger has found the stunning aerial view of the old buildings which he found on the Waldniel history website. If you want to read more about what Jürgen remembers of the old school - click HERE - to read more of his story

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