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Adrian Clark 'Spring'

adrian_clark [at]

Metheringham~o Lincoln,

(At Kent School from 1979 to 1981, academic years: 4TH to 5TH)

Traveled from Bruggen daily. Happy memories spent at Kent.
Good friends with Michael Pannell, Mike Lomas and Chris Kirby.

18-Jan-2018 21:50:29

Carolann Skerratt (Nee Skerratt)

Carolannskerratt [at]

Bishop Auckland,
County Durham,

(At Kent School from 1966 to 1969, academic years: 5TH to Upp6TH)

I was at Wegberg in the late 60', used to hang out with Rolly and a couple of other dudes . Remember going on holiday to Lake Guarda in Italy with the folks where my them boyfriend Dave turned up I wonder were he is now Think he joined the RAF does anyone recall me ?

07-Jan-2018 10:37:55

Collette Kyle (Nee Gleed)

collettejk02 [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1971 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

Looking for Paul Davis who would have been in the 3rd year in 1973. I have been searching for him for years without success. We both lived in Wildenrath. I do not have much information to go on so was hoping that someone would remember him & know where he went.
Please could anyone help?! Thank you! x

05-Jan-2018 00:37:23

Collette Kyle (Nee Gleed)

collettejk02 [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1971 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

Heidi Norman, nee Ridley,
Have just been reading all the posts on here again & I think you had a sister called Erika Ridley who was in the same class as me, my best mate & champion loo roll thrower!
I remember that you were good at art!
I realise your post is years old but I hope you'll see this!

05-Jan-2018 00:30:03

Gary Cooper (Nee Cooper)

timax1 [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1980 to 1981, academic years: 3RD to 3RD)

Hi, I was at Deal Boarding house, just for one year. Still had great memories. dad was stationed in Shape, Belgium. Any one els from that time , feel free to contact. Remember the Blue pool with the diving tower.. and going to watch Flash Gorden at the flicks.

12-Nov-2017 21:52:10

Adam Cleary

amc747070 [at]

West Yorkshire,

(At Kent School from 1971 to 1978, academic years: 1ST to Upp6TH)

Hi Everyone,

I used to live in Dusseldorf and I attended Kent School for all of my secondary education from 1st year all the way up to upper 6th. I was good friends with Nick Winkles among others.

If any of you remember me then get in touch for a chat and generally catch up.

Cheers for now,


13-Sep-2017 20:03:09

wendy barnes (Nee gibson)

wendy barnes [at]


(At Kent School from 1978 to 1980, academic years: 4TH to 4TH)

Omg just seen doughies comment i remember u all! Remember me & jon brunskill ...still think about him all these yrson! Best school daysof my life devastated when my dad got posted back to stafford

02-Sep-2017 14:07:43

David Bell

davegillbell [at]


(At Kent School from 1975 to 1978, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

Just discovered this site. I was at Kent for three years until we moved back to the UK, and I have fond memories of my time there. Very excited to see the Drama Dept pictures from Oliver and The Happiest Days... I was the other Oliver alongside Glenn Jones in my First Year and in the cast photo you have for The Happiest Days... I am in the front row, second from the right. I often wonder what happened to all those people I knew at Kent and beforehand at Pegasus School in Wildenrath.

23-Aug-2017 04:10:45

Andrew Davison

Andymarkdavison [at] yahoo. [at]


(At Kent School from 1971 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

Hi, I was at Kent school with my sister Julie. We lived in army flats at Neinburger strasse Dusseldorf. Had some fantastic times there. I remember the Sinclair's (Teresa, Mark & Steven). They too lived in the neinburger flats. Also remember Alan Hamilton who was a border and also Thomas Shelby who was a day bug.

05-Aug-2017 22:43:33

Karen Tracy Crowther (Nee Everett)

kiddier2 [at]


(At Kent School from 1982 to 1985, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

The last time I visted this site was in 2008 so thought I would update my info. Still havent uploaded the pics that I have.

Some of the names that I remember are Karen Thomas, Sue Simmons, Hayden Lunn, Linda Day and her boyfriend Chris ?, Lyndon Black my boyfriend from back then , Tracy Payne, Linda McCalister, Mich Comman, Heather Spring, Kris Irvin, Simon Newlands (Sid),Nick Harding, Ian Cuthbert, Gary Campbell, Jarrett ?,David West and the guy who used to dress up as Boy George. I also have photos of all of you if you ever want copies. I drag then out every now and then.

27-Jul-2017 12:38:55

andrew Wareham

a.wareham027 [at]


(At Kent School from 1972 to 1974, academic years: 3RD to 4TH)

Wow found this page while researching for a CV.
Searched for Duncan Whitworh and there was my name right after his!
He and Julian Pitcher along with David wood were my best friends while there.
Have some great memories while there but also a few not so good from bullying.
My sister went to Chathem house for a short time if anyone remembers Angela Wareham.

04-Jul-2017 11:41:34

kedric Griffith

kedric.griffith [at]


(At Kent School from 1977 to 1980, academic years: 3RD to 1ST)

seems strange seeing the place again
Had some good and not so good times there.
I have lost my o level results from 1980 and AQA need the school address. Anyone any ideas?
While here would love to hear from anyone based at RAF Wildenrath 1977-1980 and attended.

21-Jun-2017 16:58:24

Karen wilson (Nee Smith)

Kswilf2 [at]

Basingstoke ,

(At Kent School from 1982 to 1983, academic years: 3RD to 4TH)

Me and my twin sister Tracey went to Kent school in year 3 to 4 as we went to Cheshire middle school, RAF Bruggen!! A middle school was last 2 years of juinor school and first 2 years of secondary school. We lived in a RAF place called " little lego land" near RAF Brugge, before that we lived just beyond the Germany border in a place in Holland called Donerburg ( forgive spelling) I can remember crossing the German border very day !!!!

09-May-2017 20:20:05

Peter Sullivan

peterbsullivan59 [at] [at]

Abingdon ,

(At Kent School from 1971 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

I was there with my sister Margaret, we lived in Belgium, I remember the Miller family and the Wren sisters that's about it, Oh and helmut parkin, it was a good laugh being a border, I went back a few times when I joined the army,overall rating 8 out of 10

17-Apr-2017 07:04:54

Linda Ann Allison (Nee Harrower)

call3739 [at]


(At Kent School from 1964 to 1966, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

Was in Mr Worral's class. He taught French and German. Great teacher. Lived in RAF Wildenrath. Have 2 brothers Bob and David Harrower

19-Mar-2017 07:02:12

Lisa .J (Nee Murray )

Lisa123 [at]


(At Kent School from 1982 to 1985, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

Known as Smurf or Smurfet was bullied my whole time at Kent no fond memories for me unfortunately, yes I'm British living in the USA since 1992 I only remember playing field hockey and netball and rounders . I have a vague memory of the science room with Bunsen burners .

15-Feb-2017 03:27:38

Leroy Stephenson

wyoupser [at]


(At Kent School from 1965 to 1967, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Don't remember what class I was in but I remember Phillip Catchpole and Terry Hines as class mates. I remember playing "conkers" with the chestnuts and being caned in the HEADMASTER'S Office (though not what it was for). I think I was in Tunbridge House while there. Learned how to play soccer and cricket. Yes I was a "Yank". My Dad was stationed at RAF Wildenrath.

13-Feb-2017 18:23:22

Malcolm David Sutton (Nee none)

countryrowe [at]

Newport Pagnall,
United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1964 to 1967, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

i was in canterbury house during my time at kent, I Conly remember one or two names from way back then, Alan Brooks, Rebbca Sanford tere were others but time fades my memories. I dont think there were any boarders them days altho I could be wrong. I and some friends used to climb up into the church belfry and lean over the very large gap in the floor to ring the bell with rings on our fingers that we made during metal workshop, I remember that when we were doing this stunt that the hight we were at now seems quite alarming.
after thinking about it now, we could have fell!!!!!!

on leaving school (longcroft SC Beverly E Yorks) i enlisted into the Army Royal Milatry Police serving all over the world I am now employed as a QC in House Of Fraser XPO LOGSTICS Milton Keynes. Give me a shout if can remember me. 07952176558

07-Feb-2017 15:54:23

Frank Rogers

rogers.frank [at]


(At Kent School from 1968 to 1970, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

I remember you Sean - and Gail Waterman! Liked her and Jacqie Fletcher and Fiona and...

16-Dec-2016 00:20:10

Sean Horne

sean7232 [at]

West Yorkshire,

(At Kent School from 1967 to 1971, academic years: 1ST to 5TH)

I can't believe I've found this!!!

I can't remember anyones name, apart from Gail Waterman, who I had a crush on for ever!

If anyone remembers me, please say Hi ;0)


11-Dec-2016 13:17:06

Jim Armstrong

LRAContracts93 [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1979, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Does anybody remember me, I lived in kempen st Tonis our house was in hochbendweg my dad was in the Royal signals. Wayne pottinger and his sisters, Donna jack and a few others got the bus at the bottom of our street. Oh yes mark Atkins and his sister as well

27-Nov-2016 21:58:13

Mike North

healthandfire [at]


(At Kent School from 1974 to 1976, academic years: 3RD to 4TH)

I remember going to Kent school but have absolutely no idea what class, teachers or school friends names. I was at the Rhiendahlen boarding house. If anyone can shed any light that would be great!

12-Nov-2016 13:23:19

Kevin Morgan (Nee Morgan)

kmorgan20uk [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1968 to 1972, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

borded deal house

30-Oct-2016 23:34:41




(At Kent School from 1984 to 1987, academic years: 3RD to Lwr6TH)

I remember being bullied for 4 years at Kent school.
Being called Brain and other names.

03-Oct-2016 21:51:48

colin james

gotpigeonsaz55 [at]

AZ - Arizona,

(At Kent School from 1978 to 1980, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

Brings back a lot of memories.
I was in 1DP with Derek Penton, 2LL with Linda Lodge and I believe 3AS.. but I forget the name of the female teacher. Friends with Gary Rowlinson, Gideon Pain, Ian Wingfield, John Smith and Yohan Males ( who tragically died in the second year in a traffic accident)Gareth Davies, Richard Harris, Sharon Loomes, Kerry Viney. Lived at Wildenwrath and started at Merlin school. I remember Lacklison, Miller, Penton, Taylor, Reeves, Cainey, Ion. We used to hang around the science block and play wall tennis with a bunch of sticks and a tennis ball. Happy days. Regards to all.

03-Aug-2016 19:38:03

Janice Beach (Nee Meyer)

beach.janic [at]

Rossendale ,
Lancashire ,

(At Kent School from 1966 to 1968, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd see if I can track down any old friends from Kent. I remember Mr Rooney was the head, Mr Taylor for English, Miss Burgess for typing. I'm still in touch with Linda Whiles and we see one another regularly. A few names come to mind and it'd be great to find out how they're doing - Julie Hinton, Rebecca Weldridge, Sharon ? . We tended to hang around as a group. I loved being at Kent and have lovely memories. We lived in Krefeld then. So hopeful to hear about anyone from that time. xx

28-Jul-2016 17:50:16

Trevor Johnson

Trevjohnson550 [at]

Toronto ,
Ontario ,

(At Kent School from 1978 to 1984, academic years: 1ST to Lwr6TH)

Was in boarding school father based in emblem camp for many years even went to primary school in emblem.. Had a major crush on Karen Oliver back then, doubt if she knew existed 3 or 4 years older than me lol. Had a great experience chilling out with the girls from the other boarding school.. Discos every other Saturday.. Boarding school in rheindahlen. Went into the army middle of my lower sixth.. Good to see so many remember the place

27-Jul-2016 14:03:55

David Paul James Fearnley

davidpjf [at]

New Plymouth,
New Zealand

(At Kent School from 1978 to 1981, academic years: 2ND to 1ST)

Hi Folks - Just keen to hear from anyone that may have shared the same space as me at this terrific old school back in the day..... I have some great memories and would welcome any old students to have a yarn.....

03-Jul-2016 05:16:40

Steve gould

Sgould39 [at]


(At Kent School from 1975 to 1978, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Just seeing who is still alive and kickin from Kent school or wildenrath who may remember those good and bad times

24-Jun-2016 21:17:36

Kathryn Carrie Martell (Nee Erskine)

kc_katt [at]

Nova Scotia,

(At Kent School from 1965 to 1967, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Lived in Monchengladbach for three years, remember most of my time there. Possibly taking a trip back to Germany this fall. My father, Ron Erskine, is buried there in Werl cemetery.

19-May-2016 17:07:59

Michael Jones

mike [at]

New Zealand

(At Kent School from 1973 to 1977, academic years: 2ND to Lwr6TH)

Lived in Krefeld at the time, hour bus journey there then back. Was in Rochester House. Mates with the Ibottsons and Tomlins, Tim Cookson (RIP).Awesome times, have many fond memories (haven't faded yet so must have been great). Been LIVING IN New Zealnd since 1997. Wish all who I knew or those who new me all the best. Mike

10-May-2016 00:56:30

Alex Robertson

Alex [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1975 to 1976, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Also knew Pete Bicknell My three older sisters also went to Kent Sylvia, Heather and Cynthia Robertson. Played house rugby, Tonbridge?

02-May-2016 05:04:34

Corrine thomas (Nee woodward)

corrinethomas_386 [at]


(At Kent School from 1973 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Hi I don't remember a lot about Kent I know I was in Tonbridge had a friend called Debbie keep found someone from my class on Facebook his name Peter bicknell I remember going from house on bus for school lived in viersen also I can remember being late from class and bus went had to phone my parents that was at the time funny take care kenties hope to hear from some old friends

06-Apr-2016 20:08:28

Helen Bate (Nee Alexander)

helenbate61 [at]

Birmingham ,
West Midlands

(At Kent School from 1972 to 1975, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

I have just come across this page , l did register years back on friends reunited and did catch up with my best friend from primary school in Emblem , Belgium. We both shared a dorm and the first term at Kent together.
I was in 1CL, Miss Lowthers class she taught French. I remember the state of the art language lab!! I dreaded it, pressing the correct buttons!! Technology!! I remember the blackened drama room, that always seemed to have diving kit hung up in it. I also recall trying to explore the corridors that were out of bounds and the signs still up from the old hospital. I remember playing elastic a in the covered area near the pe block and fighting and winning the uniform change allowing girls to wear trousers as part of the winter uniform, and wearing the Army issue black and white gingham kitchen curtains as summer uniform!! Unlike the pretty yellow and white worn by Queens.
I was a border for only a term but many memories, writing an essay on how silence was golden /and scraping the chewing gum from under the refectory ta les for being out of bed after lights out .
I would like to say that being involved in wind in the willows and having Miss Wibrew as my art teacher and watching the Pirates of Penzance and patience were influential in my career in the theatre and the in the costume department.
Many happy memories.

26-Mar-2016 17:13:22

David R (I Don't use it) Malone

maloneark [at]


(At Kent School from 1974 to 1976, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Fell in love with Susan, and still am.

21-Mar-2016 15:24:24

Chris Minchin

minchinchris8 [at]

Witney nr.brize norton,
Oxfordshire ,

(At Kent School from 1973 to 1975, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Been a long time can only remember a few names.
Gordon Booth, Mark Threadgill, Helmut Parkin and Ian Swift

27-Feb-2016 18:28:25

Rory McDermott

englishdesignus [at]

New York,
New York,

(At Kent School from 1963 to 1969, academic years: 1ST to Lwr6TH)

Hi Its Rory McDermott here from the early sixties at Kent school. Dave Mcbirney and I were at the school 63-69. I have been living in America since 20o4 and with my wife we run an advertising agency in New York city and Raleigh North Carolina. Anyone remember me? Love to connect.

13-Feb-2016 12:25:56

Annegret Mabbett (Nee Ramsay)

anna.mabbett [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1979, academic years: 3RD to Lwr6TH)

I remember you Jutta Collett. We both took Geography with a
Mr Featherstone. Was wondering if you remember me. Lol. X

20-Jan-2016 06:20:49

Nicola irving (Nee Irving)

Nicola.irving72 [at]


(At Kent School from 1985 to 1988, academic years: 1ST to 5TH)

I loved my years at this school when it was Windsor upper school fab times I wasn't a boarder and lived in elmpt part of bruggen would love to hear from anyone there at the same time as me xx

09-Jan-2016 22:50:55

Hans-Jürgen Cilvert

H.Kariger [at]


(At Kent School from 1963 to 1964, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

To all young and somewhat older, Have a great party and the best wishes for 2016. Have a good time all.

31-Dec-2015 18:27:49

neil matthews ( spike }

nellymatthews [at] [at]

west midlands,

(At Kent School from 1978 to 1979, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Was at kent 78/79 .Lived in top floor of a flat in erkelenz , cant remember any names , appart from averal sustins , she had a sister called angela , I think.We was all into our punk eara, wow what a time we had then. the weekly disco in raf wildenrath.. my 2 first girl friends back then Amanda rose and lita spalding , who sorry to say is now r.i.p. Remember we would all circle manhole cover at school , and one of us crawling down into the teachers bar and club , back up we would climb armed with 200 bensons . iHAD 2 younger brothers martin and shion pluss 2 sisters mandy an to here of anone that remembers the good old day . AHHHHHH pluss I'm now a grandad. two great kids louise and dale 30 and 28.. by all nelly} neil matthews

29-Nov-2015 21:50:44

Leslie Ian Terence Rutledge (Nee Didn)

westwaleswizard [at] [at]

Bad Oeynhausen,
Northrhine Westphalia,

(At Kent School from 1965 to 1968, academic years: 1ST to 4TH)

Hello Colin, as you mentioned the Rutledge's I should know you but I can't recall you, maybe you spent more time hanging round with my elder brother Chris. I certainly recognize your behaviour though as me and my brother, like you, spend a lot of time "Out of Bounds" and as such were regularly caned by Ford and Myhill. That was nothing compared to the wacking I got of Mr Lacklison when me and Desi Morris threw a firework into the toilet and expected the water to put it out before it went off (it was not our lucky day) and we both felt the wroth of Mr Lacklisons gym slipper on our rear ends Ha Ha !!! ... (good job I don't bear grudges) Like you I became an avid traveller (80 countries so far and rising) and I have also just retired at the age of 62. I also became a (Wood) Technician, basic trade cabinet maker and had a pretty good career in Germany before spending my last few working years as a London Bus Driver. As you say not bad for somebody who started out as a hopeless case Ha Ha !!! ... Obviously the teachers a Kent must have managed to get some thing into my noggin !!! Now moved back to Germany, where my kids live to enjoy my retirement and see if I can rack up a few more countries on my travels ... my army child life story on TACA for anyone who's interested ... ... Yeah they were good times (especially the cane Ha Ha !!!) .... just like to say hello to all other Kenties and in particular to anyone who might have known me in those good times !!!

27-Nov-2015 04:10:36

Colin Green

colingreen155 [at]

Kentucky ,

(At Kent School from 1963 to 1966, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Confession time😀. I recall spending a great deal of my time standing outside of either Mr. Myhills or Mr. Fords study, I wonder why! Seems I was always in trouble some of course my own making other times wrong time or wrong place. Mostly enjoyed KSH. I wax somewhat lazy avoided homework like the plague, made every excuse under the sun as to why I had failed to turn it in. Of course all lies. My finger knew the feel of the cane as well as a violinist know the notes on his instruments.
I will admit being caned twice in one day was far to severe even for a twelve year old, can not recall the incidents, certainly I was guilty of at least one offnce,had been down in the cellars and I was the one who was caught.
All the same there we some great times.
Have never been in contact with any of my school mates so f your name appears below say hi sometime.
Ann Marsden, Joesphine Fenwick, the Azzopardi family, the Harrington twins, Angela Watson, Kathy Emerson, Susan Barnes, Susan Beacham, the Rutledge kids, the Baldams from Wales, John Hutchins/Hutchinson. Most of the above names likely lived in Berlina Alley in Wassenberg. We send to go the Youth Club at Berglin Barracks on I think a Tuesday evening and once a month we had a live band, The Thunders was one such band , for those who remember one do the guitarists was blind. Occasionally we went to the Wildenrath Youth Club dances. Good old days.
I can be contacted by email
I have been retired for the last couple of years and have lived in the USA since 2002. And just by chance if any of the teachers are still around and by chance read this, yes I made it travelled to sixty different countries, had a couple of well paid technical jobs ran a very successful business and retired at 55, not bad for a lad who was considered a waster and a true rebel.
Regardless Kent and Germany we tremendous times and wonderful memories. Take care all.

25-Nov-2015 15:17:58

Colin Green

colingreen155 [at]


(At Kent School from 1963 to 1966, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

As I read through people's posts other names come to mind. Ann Marsden, the Harrington Twins, Charmagne!, Myra Azzopadri, Susan Barnes, Sandra? Lived in Wassenberg as did most of the kids we knew. Kathy Emerson, David and Gerry Baldam I think their sister was Denise. Josephine Fenwck tall girl with Ginger hair, Irene and Diane Skipper. I am certain most of them attend Kent during the period 1963 - 1966.

25-Nov-2015 14:20:52

Susan Dalton (Nee Collett)

suziewong62 [at]

Searby~o Barnetby,
N. Lincolnshire,
United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1974 to 1976, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

I remember you Jutta, we both have German mothers as well as the same maiden name. I also remember dad sometimes getting your dads mail by accident. We lived in Viersen 71 - 76. Dad was with 15 BOD/COd and later with Command Pay office in Moenchengladbach.

24-Nov-2015 22:02:09

Jutta Wrobel (Nee Collett)

jutta.wrobel [at]

East Sussex,

(At Kent School from 1975 to 1978, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

I remember Linda Walker, Nicki Grist, Tracey (who lived in Dusseldorf). I lived at JHQ, Buschoff - think it was Auckland Crescent. Best buddies with Tracy Lee Hansom who went to Queen's School.

15-Nov-2015 11:22:32

Marc Hollis

marchollis65 [at]

Chesterfield ,
Derbyshire ,

(At Kent School from 1979 to 1981, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

3 KT -5KT Many good times many good friends.
Drummer in Image for my sins. Brother Dave older.
Mates: Darrell Smith, Tim Smith, Nick Pollard, Glenn Drew,Paul Mcginn, Kerry Mcginn, Toni Jones, etc etc
cerberusk9uk YouTube channel and I'm on Facebook.

21-Oct-2015 11:20:06

Annegret Mabbett (Nee Ramsay)

anna.mabbett [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1979, academic years: 3RD to Lwr6TH)

Hi there, been a while since I last wrote on here. Just wondering if anyone remembers me, nee: Annegret Ramsay. If so please get in touch, would love to here from those that were around during my time at Kent School. Yes I did have 2 brothers that also attended Kent school.. Andy and Peter Ramday... Just in case anyone knew them. Thanks.

19-Sep-2015 23:02:43

David Power

davidpower22 [at]


(At Kent School from 1964 to 1967, academic years: 1ST to 4TH)

Re the earlier entry on woodwork teacher Mr Arlow. If I'm correct he was Welsh and had played football at a professional level. I made a coffee table in his class during the 4th year before I returned to the UK and where it had pride of place in our living room for many years to follow. Great days at Kent - many happy memories.

19-Sep-2015 08:52:14

Mark Robson

markrobson1 [at]

Ross on Wye,

(At Kent School from 1975 to 1978, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

Boarded at Deal House and had elder brother Ian in 6th form.
Is anyone about whose memory still functions?
Would like to catch up with anyone who Knows me.

17-Sep-2015 10:29:36

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