News on all our outrageous reunions

Do we remember what happened???

This is where you can find information on reunions coming up, plans and pleas, and those reunions that we might have been on in the past ... if we could remember what happened ...

PointerHostert 2006 - Going back - The pictures are all up and working now - go and have a browse through them (but remember your tissues girls ...). Some fabulous pictures of the old buildings. Just wish I could have been there with you guys!

PointerSkegness 2003 - What the f*** was THAT? - Most of the stuff is now up and loaded - just a pesky group photo to squeeze onto the site. A lot more work that I'd imagined it would be - hope it's worth the effort folks!!!

PointerMinehead 2002 - The monster in Minehead - Pictures are now all up and loaded - just adding some of that mysterious text that disappeared ... Will be updating this page so please come back!



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