A little history from Jürgen

The old girl

Jürgen Kariger has found the stunning aerial view of the old buildings which he found on the Waldniel history website.

Bottom left next to the tennis court (that was there during Jürgen's school-time) we had our multi field assembly on the field left of the path; football at the top NNW and hockey at the bottom for girls. An oval of 220yds and a 3 or 4 lane 100 yards leading to the top of the field.

There was a brick wall to the right on the field - could this have been part of a nursery? Jürgen remembers whacking a cricket ball over and hearing glass shatter. Oooops! The second tennis court to the right was gone and instead we have the long jump and high jump sited. We had lessons in the left wing building going through the T adjacent to the tennis field (small path leading to entrance).

Going down the path on the left in the direction of the playground or Chapel: to the right he had our dining hall down a ramp. Enclosed by the trees. The rest was used by monks nuns and the normal Hospital. But we didn’t catch much of that. So now you see how many memories from late 1963 Jürgen has of our KENT SCHOOL buildings! Not much, but the start of a fantastic School ...

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